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Products and Services

We help develop and provide innovative products and services for health care providers and publishers.


We provide resources for marketing meaningful innovative products, media, and services that solve real-world problems


We help develop innovative products and provide management support for health care services providers.


We keep promises to help our clients achieve their long-term goals with resources that overcome short-term obstacles


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Who We Are


Our mission is to provide resources that enable innovators to solve real world problems.


Life’s Resources, Inc. was started in 1983 to provide innovative products and services for publishers, businesses, manufacturers, environmental, and health care professionals. We have helped develop and market products and services including residential and institutional air cleaning equipment, educational materials, and innovative and specialized publications.


Our niche is narrowly focused on innovators as we continue to help creative publishers, businesses, manufacturers, and health care providers develop new products and services that are focused on bringing solutions to the real world. This includes assistance in both marketing and distributing their products and services.

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